Be the victor.

​I called in late this morning. I was having a Murphy’s Law kind of morning and was not mentally or emotionally ready to take on the day at a place I hate. 

I’m trying to figure out what next…again…because I can’t stay with this employer.

So I called in late and went down to the river. I asked it what I should do. I was worried that if I went to work as usual, nothing would change. I know it wouldn’t. I listened for a while, and the river came up with this:

“Stop being the victim. Do I allow myself to be pushed around by anyone? No. I am not a victim, I am a victor. I flow every day and night. Remember your last kayaking experience? I rolled you up and spit you out. I didn’t make you a victim, but I scared the living shit out of you. I taught you that I WILL be respected. That’s how you need to act. Command respect, and don’t accept less. Be the victor.”

Thanks, river.


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