Escaping the eddy


First thing this morning, I read an article on NPR which was pretty inspiring to me. The writer, who is in fact, my age, told the story about how he is transitioning in his life from the phrase “I will.” He seems to be at the point where he needs to stop saying those words and start taking action in his life. He seems a bit lost right now, but he is willing to find his way.

The article rang very true to me. I am in the same boat. This guy might even be sitting next to me in the boat, and maybe we’re looking at each other wondering, “how can we fashion a paddle?” We’ve been sitting here in the boat for a while now, hoping the right current would catch the boat and take us to where we need to be. But, fuck. We’re stuck in an eddy. Now we have to take action if we’re ever going to get moving again.

When I read the comments I was completely appalled. They were full of hate. Comments about “waste of my time” and “fluff article” were abundant. Other comments included something along the lines of, “wait ’til he finds out that he will have ‘I wills’ throughout his life.”

Okay, hold up. The article doesn’t have a happy ending yet. It’s a work in progress. The end of it just so happens to be the end of the page, not the end of the book. The point is, there’s still a lot to be written. The author isn’t complaining or quitting; he’s made a realization in his life and now he knows what to do now. As for the comments about always having “I wills” throughout life, well, that’s a given. Does that mean we shouldn’t focus on the ones that are in front of us right now?? Just give up, because there will always be too many things that “I will” do? I think not.

I also see a lot of blame on Millennials for…well, being Millennials. We were brought up this way, blah, blah…entitled, blah, blah…can’t handle money…Yeah, I’ve heard it all. Kinda sounds like another case of blaming the victim. But that’s another topic. Regardless of who’s to blame for the way we are today, we must ask ourselves, where to now? With our mountains of student loan debt, our degrees that turned out pretty useless for careers, our salaries which are less than our student loan debt…what now? What can we do RIGHT NOW to still find success?

This was a beautifully written, inspiring article, especially to me and others sharing the boat that’s (temporarily) stuck in the eddy. Once we have our makeshift paddle, we WILL be well on our way and we WILL be better off for having the experience. One step at a time.


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