Health is a by-product of situation.

I feel like crap today. I’m sick and I am exhausted, even though I’ve done nothing all day.

I was thinking about what I’d be doing today if I felt like this but was already in my dream situation.

I’d be somewhere in nature. I would have woken up in my custom-built camping trailer. And I probably wouldn’t be sick at all, because my exposure to sick people would be greatly diminished in nature. However, assuming that I had woken up sick anyway, I doubt I would be lying on the couch all day feeling yucky. I would at least be outside, getting a cure from nature. And I bet I would heal faster.

This sickness I feel today is a product of the situation I’ve found myself in. It’s certainly not where I want to be.

I want, even need, to be in nature.

How do I get there, while still upholding the responsibilities I have here?


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