What goes in, must come out.

I’ve been told for years and years how important it is to feed my body with the proper nutrients. Eat this, avoid that, etc. And for a long time I got away with eating whatever I wanted with few to no side effects. But apparently my body is getting older, though my brain hasn’t quite accepted that it’s time for some dietary changes.

One thing that’s kicking the idea into shape for me today: I’ve read that diet has effects on mental health. I never took that very seriously before, until today.

I’ve been slowly succeeding in getting myself out of the dumps lately. Exercise, meditation (attempts…still working on it), trying to smile even when I don’t want to. And it all helps! But diet may be the next thing to tackle.

Today, I feel like shit. I think I may have gotten a minor case of food poisoning yesterday (though I haven’t identified the culprit) and it kept me up all night. The stomachache has mostly subsided, but I don’t have energy for anything right now. And I doubt it’s the lack of sleep in this case.

So if eating one wrong thing can affect you so drastically over 24 hours later, it makes sense that you should watch what you eat. Most things do not have effects this obvious, but everything you ingest does affect you in some way.

I’m not down for storing potential toxins in my body, so I’m ready for some change.


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