Untethered joys.

Every person has those things that are just a part of them. I’m not talking about quirks or tendencies in this case, I’m talking about activities and hobbies. For example, mine include:

  • Swimming. I was once nicknamed “little fishy” thanks to my love of the water. Swimming has always been a stress reliever for me. I was on the swim team from middle school all the way through high school, and my dad taught me long before that. I remember after bad days at school, I would start swimming my laps and tears would start flowing inside my goggles. I’ve never told anyone that, never felt the need to. Because it made me feel better. It was just me and the water, and the water listened. Swimming in nature is great, too. Last summer in Yosemite, my boyfriend, “M,” and I hiked up one of the many rivers there and found a wonderful pool to hang out at. The weather was hot, but the water was icy cold. We finally dove in; M got out immediately, but I stayed in the water, claiming that now the air felt colder to me. To me, it felt glorious, and I felt alive.
  • Skiing. I’ve been skiing practically since I could walk, mostly downhill but a bit of x-country. This one’s more of a hobby, but it’s still an integral part of who I am.
  • White-water rafting. Again, since I could walk, maybe younger. If I could pick any one place to be, without a doubt it would be on the river. It’s peaceful and exciting all rolled into one. Navigating it takes skill. I can’t even express how important the river is to me. This is one of my favorite pictures; it’s called a dump-truck when you, as the guide, dump all your passengers out of the boat but remain in the raft yourself (I had 4 passengers here). EPIC WIN. (No one was hurt in the making of this photo, but may a certain flip-flop ever be remembered).06-15-07P_162
  • Driving. I am a driver. I didn’t always know it; my parents had to work pretty hard to convince me to even get my permit. I was not the kid who got her permit the day she turned 16. Nope. But it didn’t take long for me to fall in love. I remember the summer after I got my license, I was driving everywhere, just because. I once picked up a friend and drove 4 hours to the ocean, only to drive back shortly after arriving. I hate driving in traffic, or around other drivers at all. But if I can find a nice, curvy road with only the rare driver to share with, I’m in heaven. I once found a super curvy dirt mountain road that was pretty much the best thing ever. My car is feeling a bit under the weather right now 😦 and it kills me that I can’t push her. Her name is Falkor, by the way. All my cars have been named after dragons.

These are the things that bring me untethered joy. They are good for my soul. I’m working on mountain biking, but I still have a bit of reluctance to just let go of fear and have fun. But if I keep it up, it will undoubtedly be on the official list soon!

What are your untethered joys?


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