A splinter to change a life.

She sat at her desk, looking at the ever-growing stack of bills. How was she supposed to handle this? How had it gotten so bad? At one point in her life, she had applauded herself for dealing with her finances so well. And here she was, at a total loss.

She absent-mindedly picked at a chip in the paint on her desk.

Well, maybe if I pay this one a little late…

Pick, scratch.

Maybe I should try asking for that raise…

Pick, pick.

Can I start my own business? How? I don’t know if I can pull that off.

Pick…a large splinter came flying from the spot she’d been picking at, and a bright beam of light shined from the newly formed scar in the desk. She fell over backwards from her chair, startled and confused. The light shone bright and steady. She picked herself up from the floor and inched closer to the mysterious light. It felt warm, even inviting.

She peered closer. She slightly expected to be blinded by the light but, against her better judgement, she finally pushed her eye to the small opening with the glorious light.

She saw a whole universe in that tiny crevasse, full with brilliant colors she’d never imagined, swirling in random spirals and various undefined shapes. As she continued to watch, the swirls began to take shape. Shapes of the dreams she’d pushed aside years ago so she’d have time to work 40-hour weeks and barely get by. She’d always told herself, one day I will get back to those dreams, it will happen eventually. But she knew she hadn’t gotten any closer to them…until now. Now they were practically at her fingertips.

She felt euphoric. She could watch this forever. This was how she’d imagined her adult life as a child, but exponentially better…now it was so close it felt like reality.

A flash, and it was gone. She woke up leaning over the desk, her head resting on it. But the vision was still there, vivid and powerful. It wasn’t fading like a dream might, strong at first but gradually disappearing from the mind.

She was disappointed to see it go, but she felt a new vigor. She knew the road would be difficult but not impassable. She threw aside all the previous doubts from her mind and got to work. No more pity party, she had to find a way to make that short experience a reality.


2 thoughts on “A splinter to change a life.

  1. I liked the twist of reality. At first I thought it was all real, but it was actually a dream. A very vivid one. I’ve had dreams like that and some of them cause me to change something in my life as well. It was great.

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